Australia's Two-Party System Has Failed Us, and We Can't "Just Fix It", but There Is a Way

I respond to a Junkee article by a similar name and explain why we can't just elect the perfect independent, and why we need to innovate to get out of this political hole we've dug ourselves into.

(Video) Neutral Voting Bloc Introduction

On July 2nd I livestreamed a presentation about the Neutral Voting Bloc hosted by the Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center.

Broadcast Nonstandard Txs Quickly [Bitcoin]

How to edit the Bitcoin Core source code to allow sending nonstandard transactions quickly.

The Senate Preference Hack

The Senate Preference Hack enables a political party to gain unfair representation in the federal Senate...

A first attempt to describe the neutral voting bloc.

I outline the neutral voting bloc and tell you about why it's awesome.

On Fair Compromise in Price Matching Engines

We show a fair compromise between two prices is the geometric mean of the two, not the arithmetic mean.


Microchains are developing proposal for generic merged mining.

A General Introduction to Marketcoin

Short less technical description of Marketcoin.

Efficient Reorgs on Cryptonets

Thoughts on how to reorganize a blockchain under certain non-bitcoin conditions.

How to Secure a Blockchain with Zero Energy

I outline the shortcomings of proof-of-stake-esq systems and some challenges they must overcome.

Introducing Factum Exchange

Following on from Factum Money, I extend this idea to currency exchange and examine the types of distributed exchanges that are possible.


A light-weight URL minifier.

Factum Money

I propose Bitcoin is a new type of money, which I dub Factum Money.