Refutation of the idea that lockdowns are comparably bad to an unmitigated pandemic, OR evidence of humanity as a failed civilisation.

[Edit 2020-08-03: This is poor writing. I am considering analysing it.] Basically: the title. I draw 3 conclusions from the thesis, either concluding the thesis is wrong, lockdowns are not comparably bad (they are preferable), or, finally, that we're doomed. There are _some_ outs, I just don't know of anyone holding both a belief in an out and the thesis statement (I suspect they're contradictory anyway). Admittedly this is a bit raw, but I think it's good enough to put out for criticism.

A secure guessing game

Yes, Democracy Is in Trouble

Response to Is Democracy in Trouble?

Handeling Death in the NVB

Without correlating deaths of voters to the expiration of their identity it is difficult to maintain anonymity in a decentralized voting system. A system of expiry (and revalidation) is suggested that is compatible with CoinJoin to allow the best of both worlds.