Where to find my recent work

I've been working on philosophy. Here are some links to where I publish things I write and produce.

Philosophy work and "I need a new site"

Here's where I've been posting philosophy work recently. Also, I need a better site soon.

(Video) A Hasty Marriage? The Future of Government and Blockchain over the Next Two Decades - Blockwalks 2018 [21:12]

I speculate on some of the ways Governments and governance will change and react to Blockchain technology over the next 20 years.

stuff worth watching

(Slides) Politics and Blockchain (CAP at ANU)

I talk about about Politics/Democracy and Blockchain, particularly on how blockchain relates to old systems, new systems, and the governance of blockchains themselves.

(Slides) Philosophy Matters! (RMIT Digital Democracy Forum)

A short talk about philosophy in democracy and why attempts to improve democracy without good epistomology can't work.

(Video) Big Data and the Future of Democracy [32:51]

I talk about Big Data and democracy, the things that enable it, and what we should change to avoid Bit Data's influence.

(Video) Philosophy of Decentralising Democracy [1:20:00]

A talk on some philosophical considerations we should make when thinking about decentralising democracy, and the common mistakes made.

(Video) Decentralising Democracy and Flux [37:50]

I discuss why most attempts to decentralise democracy will fail, and what Flux is doing that's different and promising.

(Video) Why Flux? [1:15:00]

An experimental talk where I cover some of the reasons that I'm working on Flux and what I hope to achieve. Covers some epistomology, a bit of tech, and a lot about myself.

(Video) The Case for Flux [1:08:00]

The most complete ground up lecture on Flux so far. Covers philosophy, the current issues with Democracy, and Issue Based Direct Democracy, our proposed solution. Presented at the Flux Sydney meetup 21/06/2017.

IBDD as an embodiment of Popper's Criterion

I argue that not only does IBDD satisfy Popper's criterion, but can also be seen as an embodiment of it due to its roots in fallibilism.

An Overview of Flux and IBDD

A very brief overview of the philosophy behind IBDD and Flux

(Video) Disrupting Democracy for Good

Early December I travelled to Brazil to present this at the Wired Festival. In this 30 minute reproduction I talk about how political power and fallibilism interact and how we can take advantage of that to produce far superior policy.

Preliminary differences between IBDD and LD/DD/RD

Short intro to differences between Issue Based Direct Democracy and Direct/Liquid/Representative Democracy

Notes on FB ads

Just some notes on FB ads I wrote to someone once

How To Decentralize Bitcoin Development Forever

Using Bitcoin, Git, GitTorrent, and BlocVoting, I propose a method to find consensus on canonical source code for the Bitcoin network.